How to repair or recondition a Car battery

How to Repair a Car Battery

A car battery depreciates in value and performance over a period of time. Once the performance starts to drop, the first option for many people is to replace the battery. This is can be costly. However, a car battery can be repaired and brought back to life and serve you longer. The depletion occurs as a result of corrosion, shedding, water loss, acid stratification among others. Prolong your car battery life by  reconditioning it . Follow the following steps to give your dead battery a longer life:-

Eliminate the sulfation

This is the build of lead sulfate crystals on your battery.

A quick and fast charge could be all you need to put your battery back to life. This will help remove any sulfation. If you are charging your battery on a charge that has a "fast charger" setting, be sure not to leave on longer than a minute or two. After a week recharge the battery to complete the process of reconditioning.

Attach a three-phase charger.

Attaching a three-phase charger on your car battery can revive it.Attach and leave it there overnight or even longer. You will be amazed at the transformation of your dead battery.

Epsom and distilled water.

Mix these two in a container and ensure the salt completely dissolves in the distilled water.Pour this mixture into your car battery. This will recondition the battery and give you a longer service. While doing this, ensure the battery interior doesn’t become contaminated. To achieve this, wash the battery’s exterior using baking soda and clean water. This neutralises battery acid making it harmless.Remove all corrosions from the terminals and cable connections and keep them clean always.

Battery Acid Replacement

Using a screw driver, remove the battery cell covers. While at it, ensure nothing falls into the cells. Use a damp cloth to clean the area around the open holes. Add the battery acid to each cell. The lead plates inside should be completely covered. Once this process is complete, replace the cell covers. The mixture should coat all the surfaces completely. A

Attach a battery charger to the terminals. Allow the battery to undergo charging for at least 24 hours. However, the time allowed for charging depends on the state of your battery.

Repeat this process from time to time to completely eliminate sulphur build up.


In addition to the process above, discharging the battery can also repair and recondition your battery. To achieve this, reconnect the battery to the terminals of a car while the headlights are on. Once the headlights begin to dim, disconnect the battery and charge as described above.

Use these simple to follow guidelines and keep your battery in mint condition and save your money.

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